Prologue Make your day
with All-new Cerato
Never compromise between your busy and stylish life. Have it all with All-new Cerato.
Take the wheel of the stylish new Kia Cerato and start your day feeling invigorated,
relaxed and capable of anything. This remarkable compact sedan delivers inspiring
performance, along with the latest driver assistance and entertainment technologies.
Life just got more interesting.
A perfect balance
A perfect balance
The enticing silhouette of the Cerato extends from its long hood, under which its power is
generated, to the spacious cabin, where there is ample legroom and headroom
thanks to the gentle sweep of the roofline.
Built for motion
Built for motion
The Cerato has the best of both worlds—a sporty character grounded in a nimble
suspension and responsive drivetrain, coupled with the allure of a spacious, welcoming
interior. Aerodynamic contours draw the eye from front to back, while its daring stance
signals that it's up for anything.
Eye-catching from any angle
There are a number of stunning details
you’ll notice every time you return to
your Cerato. The boldly shaped, complex
headlamp housings.
The intersection of the side contour
and the front grille. And how the tail lamps
seamlessly blend with the rear trunk lid
spoiler. Every line on the Cerato contributes
to its winning personality.
cerato 5-door

You can't go wrong with any of the
Cerato lineup, from the sophisticated
comfort of the 4-door EX to the sporty
excitement of the 4-door GT and the
road-tripping practicality of
the 5-door EX.

Each offers a personalized mix of
sportiness and utility to satisfy
a wide range of driver needs and tastes.

cerato GT
Modern simplicity
Modern simplicity
Simplicity is the key to the luxuriousness of the Cerato dashboard. The look is
clean throughout, with driver information appearing sparingly on the instrument cluster
and floating center monitor. Metallic trim gives a sporty yet sophisticated touch, while
sleek lines connect the turbine-inspired air vents at either side.
Exterior Colors
To personalize your Cerato, choose from a range of vivid colors and finishes,
each expressing its own engaging character.


  • Clear White rgb(246, 247, 248)
  • Snow White Pearl rgb(249, 249, 249)
  • Silky Silver rgb(214, 214, 217)
  • Steel Gray rgb(131, 130, 134)
  • Platinum Graphite rgb(81, 81, 84)
  • Aurora Black Pearl rgb(34, 27, 26)
  • Horizon Blue rgb(88, 101, 132)
  • Gravity Blue rgb(37, 45, 63)
  • Runway Red rgb(177, 29, 30)
Clear White
Seating choices
Choose from soft, durable seating options, available in attractive cloth or
cloth-and-leather combinations. Each choice is designed to complement the
contours and trim details of the Cerato’s interior, creating an inviting and
relaxing cabin environment.

Convenience Comfort zone wherever you go

Sunroof Sunroof
Seat Seat
Inside the roomy cabin of the Cerato you will find clean lines, supportive seats
and surfaces that are pleasing to the touch. All models feature seat bolsters
front and rear, while the rear seats offer ample space for two or three
passengers to sit comfortably and stretch out.
Engaged and focused
Push-button start
Push-button start image
Push-button start
8-inch display audio system
8-inch display audio system image
8-inch display audio system
USB / Smartphone charger
USB / Smartphone charger image
USB / Smartphone charger
Fluidity in motion

The technology at your fingertips is
designed to encourage attentive
driving habits.

The extensive audio system features, for example, can be operated with just a few taps
on the large touchscreen or steering-wheel controls.
Wireless charging means that your mobile devices stay close by, but out of mind.
Small touches that add up
Small touches that add up Small touches that add up Smart trunk
Close Smart trunk

Smart trunk

Shopping and transporting large items have never been easier thanks to the Smart Trunk. When your hands are full of bags, luggage or sporting gear, the trunk lid can be set so that it unlocks and opens automatically when the smart key is in the detection area for at least three seconds.

The appeal of the Cerato goes far beyond just style and comfort. Everywhere you look,
you'll notice details that are mindful of real-life situations. From the ease of getting in and
out of the vehicle to the ergonomic controls at your fingertips, the Cerato helps you enjoy
modern life to the fullest.
One more door so many more possibilities
One more door so many more possibilitiesp
The 5-door Cerato EX combines a compact sedan profile with the wide-opening rear
hatch and storage potential of a utility vehicle. Whether you're packing sports gear,
big musical instruments, or luggage for a long road trip, the 5-door EX gives you more
choices without sacrificing chic compact-sedan style.


The science of staying safe
Watchful eyes that never blink
DRIVE WISE - Safety, Efficiency, Convenience
  • Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW)
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW)
  • Parking Distance Warning-Forward (PDW-F)
  • Gasoline 1.6 MPi
  • Smart Stream D 1.6
  • Gasoline 2.0 MPi
  • 6-speed manual transmission
    6-speed manual transmission

    The durable 6-speed manual offers dynamic shift feel, enhanced fuel efficiency and easier shifting into reverse.

  • 6-speed automatic transmission & 7-speed DCT
    6-speed automatic transmission & 7-speed DCT

    The 6-speed automatic is silky smooth and precise
    while the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic allows even quicker gear changes.