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Q: Is it necessary to provide my personal information while purchasing spare parts?


A: Yes, this is only to develop close coordination with our valuable customers.




Q: What is meant by Genuine KIA Parts?


A: Genuine KIA Parts are identical in all aspect to the factory original parts. It is made from the same materials, stamped on the same dies, built to the same specifications and backed by a limited warranty.* All to provide you with the same fit, finish, and quality as your KIA vehicle’s original factory parts.



Q: Why I should prefer Genuine KIA Parts?


A: KIA genuine parts manufacturers invest heavily in research, development and safety requirements. They implement strict quality control standards which are by-passed by non-genuine parts manufacturers.



Q: What makes Genuine KIA Accessories "Unique"?


A: Unlike aftermarket accessories, each KIA interior & exterior accessories are specifically designed to fit your particular KIA model. They can help increase your car’s long-term value and increase your overall ownership satisfaction.



Q: How I will know that my ordered parts is arrived ?


A: you will receive a telephone call or sms when your ordered part will be ready for delivery.



Q: Will my personal details be shared with other companies or institutes?


A: Not at all, we take your privacy seriously and your personal details are used solely to allow us to communicate with you about business related deals.